Event Two-Way Radios

event two-way radios
event two-way radios

Event two-way radios are important in crowd control scenarios such as event management where your first obligation is to public health and safety. In order to avoid complete chaos in emergency situations, two-way radio use for event management is essential. Events can range from festivals, concerts, motorsport to exhibitions, but one organisational aspect remains constant; the need for a short-term communication solution. Portable, robust and extremely reliable within a specified network range, two-way radio remains a trusted communications tool for the emergency services.

Event Two-Way Radio Hire

Radiocoms operates the UK’s largest hire fleet and is able to facilitate both small and large two-way radio hire communication solutions, from analogue or digital to trunked radio solutions. Where digital two-way radios have really become successful is in the development of different software solutions, which boost their mobility, operational range, network capacity and overall efficiency.

Digital Event Two Way Radios

Modern digital two-way radios are also now GPS enabled as standard, so colleagues don’t just know when an alarm has been raised, they can accurately pinpoint where it has been raised from. Digital technology with its clever audio features means that modern handsets will cut out background noise, while automatically adjusting the volume to ensure optimum sound. Another very useful feature of modern digital two-way radios, for use in security, is the range of emergency alert and safety functions which now come as standard with many models. These range from one-push Emergency Button alerts to voice activation controls, making it as easy as possible to raise the alarm when required.

Benefits of event two-way radios include:

  • Fast reaction at the push of a button
  • Direct contact with all staff simultaneously
  • Group calls
  • 1 to 1 calls
  • GPS tracking to locate staff
  • Listen to conversations when radios not in use
  • Supports text communications
  • Earpieces provide silent communication if needed
  • Remote power off in event of unauthorised use
  • Clear voice/noise cancelling
  • Reliable, ‘always on’ signal
  • No reliance on mobile phone networks


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