ENTEL DX400 Series DMR Digital / Analogue portables

ENTEL DX400 Series DMR Digital / Analogue
Portable Two-way Radio Portfolio

The Entel DX400 series DMR Digital / Analogue portable two way radios  are the most compact, MIL-STD & IP68, affordable business critical radios available today.

Whether you need a basic entry level radio, advanced digital features, or something in between, the three DX400 Series models deliver smart solutions, helping you to increase productivity and to keep your business connected. Entel’s digital radios are available in licensed and license free variants.

By combining innovative technology unique to Entel, with the globally accepted DMR standard and a robust IP68 submersible enclosure Entel’s DX400 Series radios deliver a best-in-class performance, range and clarity.

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Double the Channels

Using two slot simplex, Entel DX400 radios split each channel in two, delivering double the number of digital channels at no extra cost. For example, if you are using a single analogue channel, the same channel in digital mode will yield two channels. Entel’s Tier 1 (licence free) DMR446 digital radios provide 16 digital and 8 analogue channels.

Entel DX400 Series - 3 Tiers

Entel DX400 Series
Entry Radio

Best for simple push-to- talk communications within small groups, such as calling a handful of individuals or initiating emergency calls.

Tier I & II

Entel DX400 Series Mid-Tier Radio

As per the entry model, plus a high contrast white on black OLED display, navigation button, menus and an extensive contact list. This allows a larger number of individual radio users and groups to be called, and even multiple groups at once. The mid- tier model is also capable of displaying emergency caller ID and free format text messages as well as sending pre-formatted text messages.

Tier I & II

Entel DX400 Series High-Tier Radio

All the features of the mid-tier model plus the benefits of a full keypad. Ideal for: sending free format text messages, ease of navigating channels, making contact lists, menus etc.

Tier II

DMR is split into two types of service, from short-range license free to National / International connected networks:

Tier I

For commercial and leisure use with direct mode operation (no repeaters allowed). Fully approved for use within Europe and no license is required.

Tier II

For small to medium size licensed systems. Radios can be used in direct mode or with a repeater if significantly extended range is required. Tier II repeaters can be networked to increase the coverage area even further.

Looking for a wide area or national service?
Consider the ENTEL PoC Radio Solutions

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We can assist you with any requirement you may have in regards to your digital two way radios, systems and software applications. Contact us today to discuss your requirements:

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