Construction Two Way Radios

construction two way radios
construction two way radios

The construction industry requires construction two-way radios that can withstand the rigours of day to day life on a building site yet maintain mission-critical communications in and around the site.
Providing reliable, clear and instant communication within the construction industry does cause a challenge. The systems need to be efficient yet rugged and afford durability whilst offering the required signal coverage.  Noisy and dusty construction environments, exposed to the elements, both indoor and out still require site managers to be able to communicate with and coordinate personnel, services, trades and subcontractors across the site.

Digital construction two-way radios enhance your construction site efficiency, safety and security. Two-way radios enable efficient communication between individuals and user groups across the entire site including:

•    Access control
•    Security control
•    Control of heavy types of machinery such as cranes or bulldozers.
•    Emergency communications, e. g. fire evacuation
•    Health and Safety
•    Efficient communication.  On some construction sites, there may be areas on site that may not pick up mobile phone coverage, e.g. in lifts or basements.  Two-way radios have a much greater coverage and have the ability to work in places where mobile phones do not – through the use of leaky feeders or repeaters.
•    Live communication- to be able to communicate with individuals or groups.

Construction two-way radios are essential for the safety of an efficient communication between workers on construction sites. Radiocoms provides professional two-way radio systems to the construction industry. If you would like to purchase, hire or lease two-way radio equipment for your construction project, Radiocoms can meet your requirements.