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    TRBOnet Voice Dispatcher


    TRBOnet Voice Dispatcher

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    With the help of TRBOnet Dispatcher software you can organise a large dispatcher centre for distributed networks or just equip a dispatcher workplace for your company’s radio network.
    TRBOnet is suitable for all industries such as security, transportation, banks, ambulance or police; the dispatcher console will let you extend your system’s capacity and provide the required reliability and scalability.
    Voice Dispatch Features
    • RX / TX over over multiple channels simultaneously
    • Selected/Unselected channels (right/left speakers)
    • Volume Control per channel
    • Passive Transmit ( voice is recorded before sending. System waits until channels become free)
    • Voice Mail (to offline radios)
    • Mute/Sole channel
    • Phone interconnect (SIP server required)
    • Emergency Calls
    • Canned Messages
    • Evacuation messages
    • Voice Recording


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