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    Sepura SICS eXpress DMR DISPATCHER


    Sepura SICS eXpress DMR DISPATCHER

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    The Sepura SICS eXpress is a lightweight, easy-to-use but sophisticated dispatcher, Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL) and Automatic Person Location (APL) software application for use with Sepura’s DMR family of products.
    The system is design to work with two DMR two way radio variants, which are the 8000 and the 8200, to ensure this system meets a wide variety of customer requirements.

    Sepura SICS eXpress Mapping SXD8000

    Sepura SICS eXpress Management and Tracking Features:

    • Status messaging to provide quick and simple updates
    • Group messaging to provide effective team communications
    • Built-in emergency procedure look-ups to ensure a swift and appropriate response
    • Remote monitoring capability to keep control in a crisis
    • Approximate address look-up via reverse geo-coding to help to locate people and vehicles quickly Disable/Enable/Kill to safeguard against mis-use
    • Variety of approved on-line mapping options to provide choice*

    * Only available on the 8000 variant

    Sepura SICS eXpress Call Logging SXD8200

    Sepura SICS eXpress DMR Dispatcher Offers a Range of Call Management Features:

    • Call logging of all incoming calls to help with training and management control
    • Time, date, caller ID to keep accurate records
    • Group call to ensure good team communications
    • Private call to maintain privacy, when required
    • Emergency call alarm to help in a crisis
    • Text messaging to enable timely communication
    • Reseller/end-user logo display to keep a clear identity

    As a powerful and effective tool for managing and tracking both employees and vehicle fleets, the Sepura SICS eXpress provides organisations with an easy to install, easy to operate, powerful application package that is an ideal management tool for a broad spectrum of sectors, including manufacturing, municipalities, retail and hospitality to name but a few.

    PC Requirements:

    • Operating system – Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
    • Memory minimum – 1GB
    • Hard disk space minimum – 1GB

    Hardware Requirements:

    • Sepura SBM8040 or SBM8010 desktop radio, with microphone
    • Connecting cable from radio to PC

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