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    RF Over Fibre Design


    RF over Fibre Design and Installation Services

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    Wireless communication within a building structure is not only expected but mandatory in most instances to provide mobile and public safety operators adequate communication coverage at an affordable rate.
    The use of external base stations to provide inbuilding communications has become difficult with the increase in building construction enviornmental lagislation, which has meant the thermal efficiency requirements are effectively shielding the wireless transmission into the building.
    At Radiocoms we can provide a range of inbuilding coverage systems for small, medium and large buildings to ensure wireless coverage is maintained throughout.
    Radiocoms offer a design and installation service for RF (Radio Frequency) over fibre optic which is known as RoF (Radio over Fibre) and DAS (distributed antenna systems). The designs allow RF signals to utilise the fibre optic technology to propagate wireless coverage around buildings, tunnels, metros and other infrastructure complexes. 
    A fundamental design aspect is to provide equipment with high performance fibre optics that facilitate rapid throughput and low noise. The systems are broadband in nature and cover frequency ranges from FM through to 2.7GHz. As such a combined solution can encapsulating public safety radio and cellular bands in one system. This enables network operators, enterprises, and transportation or public safety authorities to operate one integrated system with a mixture of different bands including VHF, UHF, GSM, WCDMA and LTE therefore providing coverage for a variety of services. 
    Please Note: 
    A variety of power levels are available to meet the needs for different coverage environments.
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