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    InteraX Alarm Systems


    InteraX Alarm Integration Systems

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    Alarm Integration

    lnteraX is a PMR/ DMR radio software platform capable of interfacing with an ever growing list of industrial and commercial systems to deliver alerts and notifications to your 2 way radios. lnteraX is modular by design and allows the user an ability to build simple or complex systems whilst minimising cost.


    lnteraX is designed to be simple to install and simple to use. Minimal disruption to your operation, maximum benefits to your company.

    lnteraX grows to meet your needs. Up-gradable software apps offer increased functionality without the need to make major changes to your set-up.

    lnteraX aims to enhance your existing radio's. lnteraX sends alerts to PMR and/ or DMR radio's.
    You can manage your upgrade to Digital whilst receiving the additional functionality to improve your operation.

    lnteraX is built with noisy industrial environments in mind. Approved hardware is carefully selected and tested.
    Extended temperature, vibration, and EMC noise are covered alongside speed of install. Peace of mind for your business.

    Need something custom to meet your needs? No problem. We recognise that a one size fits all solution is not possible for all clients therefore minor tweaks or major upgrades are possible.


    Watch the video, download the product information PDF's, call 0208 9519820 to make an appointment to discuss further or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. requesting a call back.



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