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    Instant Two Way Radio Communication Can Be Essential

    Discover the benefits of Vertex quality two way radios for your Event, Hospitality or Leisure business.

    Vertex eVerge EVX-530

    Vertex EVX-530

    Vertex eVerge radios that are compact and precision-engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality.
    Vertex eVerge EVX-5300-5400

    Vertex EVX-5300/5400

    Vertex eVerge radios give you more capabilities and the flexibility you need to communicate at your best.
    Vertex eVerge EVX-R70

    Vertex EVX-R70

    Vertex EVX-R70 repeater operates in both analogue and digital modes and can be used with any existing analogue two-way radios. 
    Vertex eVerge EVX-Link

    Vertex EVX-Link

    Vertex EVX-Link allows digital DMR radios to connect with multiple coverage areas easily and seamlessly regardless of geography.

    Why Choose Vertex?

    Vertex manufacture two way radios that are built to last and are precision
    engineered to deliver value without sacrificing quality
    so you connect without compromise.

    Analogue Integration

    Vertex eVerge radios operate in both analogue and digital modes and can be used with any existing analogue two-way radios.

    Dual Capacity Direct Mode

    Enables you to have two communication paths on a single frequency effectively doubling your call capacity wihtout the need of a repeater.

    Transmit Interrupt

    When seconds matter, transmit interrupt allows an operator to halt or "interrupt" any current transmission, in favour of a priority message.
    Vertex eVerge EVX-530

    Enhanced Display

    The EVX series boasts a robust dot matrix display, allowing up to 16 characters per screen and as many as 40 overall.

    Better Radio Call Quality

    Digital eliminates noise and static from voice transmit to only deliver the intended voice message crisply and clearly.

    Better Message Control and Privacy

    Digital radios each have a unique ID enabling users to select who they need to call or send a text message without including others.

    Take a Look

    Watch the video to see how to use the Vertex digital radios in 
    both analogue and digital mode.

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